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For the present, the Company's business focuses on primarily processed wood products, including wet board and dry board products of a variety of specifications and grades from Mongolian scotch pine and larch wood.

The Company adheres to the philosophy of green operations, and all its products are certified by FSC Certification. FSC was founded by independent, non-profit and non-governmental organizations in Canada. It is dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management, and is currently the world's most influential forest certification system. FSC Certification includes Forest Management (FM) Certification and Chain of Custody (COC) Certification. It ensures the green production of final forest products, and has become a necessary condition for many European countries to import wood products.

As the Company adheres to high environmental standards for its production, this also gives credibility and reputation for its product sales. With its products marketed across the Eurasian continent, the Company has established long-term supply relationship with a number of clients in Germany, Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan and China, and has been maintaining designated sub-supplier partnership with a number of household retail giants for many years.

The Company has put business expansion into its development agenda, and set aside ample space for future development in the Phase I construction. In the near future, the Company's production will be dramatically increased, and the annual board production is expected to exceed 500,000 cubic meters. The product line will also be further enlarged to offer deep processed forest products, extension products and so on, so as to meet the multi-level demands for forest products due to market development.