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Russia is a country boasting the world's most abundant forest resources. According to statistics, the total global forest area is more than 3 billion hectares (over 30 million square kilometers), of which more than a half is in Russia, Brazil, the US, Canada and China. Russia possesses about 82 billion cubic meters of forest reserves, accounting for 22% of the world's total.

Russia's forest resources are mainly concentrated in Siberian, Northwest and Far Eastern Federal Districts. The forest reserves in Siberian and Far Eastern Districts account for 60% of Russia's total.

Irkutsk Oblast is the region with the most abundant forest resources in Siberia. Moreover, the proportion of mature and over-mature forests is high, and commercial forest stock volume is huge. The total woodland area in Irkutsk Oblast is 69 million hectares (690,000 square kilometers). The area of mature and over-mature forests is as large as 27 million hectares (270,000 square kilometers), accounting for 43% of the forest area. The forest stock volume is over 9 billion cubic meters, in which 5 billion cubic meters is that of mature and over-mature forests. Most of the forest resources in Irkutsk Oblast are conifer trees, representing 77% of the total stock volume.