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  • Ponsse Harvester

    Iveco Truck

    Hekotek Sorting Line

    Linck Sawing Line

    Exterior View of Drying Kiln

    Timber Stacking

  • Ponsse Skidder

    KAMAZ Forest Bus

    Liebherr Log Loader

    Production Plant

    Drying Kiln Operation


The Company has introduced world-class equipment and ordered customized products from top forestry equipment supplier in Germany, Finland and the United States, laying a solid technical base for smooth production activities.

With long-term good cooperative relations with various suppliers, the Company also enjoys after-sales support for production equipment maintenance and repair from professional advisory service teams.

The management team with a diversified international background brings fresh vitality for the Company's production and operations, making it stand out from most local Russian artisanal wood processing enterprises.