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Headquartered in Beijing, China, Far East Forest Industry Inc. ("Far East Forest") is a holding company engaged in forest industry investment around the world. The Company's vision is: rationally develop limited forest resources to meet the world's unlimited demand for forest products. According to its business development strategy, the Company positions itself as a fully-integrated forest product supplier combining forest harvesting, timber processing and deep processing operations. All the timber used by the Company is certified by FSC, and the Company's products are marketed in China, Japan, Korea, Europe as well as many other countries and regions. The Company regards Russia as its key strategic area of business development, and it entered Russia for forest resources development as early as 2001. Currently it owns two subsidiaries in Russia: LLC Eurasia-Lesprom Group (ООО Евразия-леспром групп, "Eurasia-Lesprom") and IVLPS-Nebelski LPH Ltd. (ООО ИВЛПС Небельский ЛПХ, "IVLPS-Nebelski"). Both the subsidiaries are located in 40A Magistralny, Kazachinsko-Lensky District, Irkutsk Oblast, 666505 (Россия, иркутская область, Казачинско-ленский район, п.Магистральный, улица Пугачева 40А. 666505.

As of June 2014, Far East Forest has invested over $ 70 million in Irkutsk Oblast and has more than 400 employees. With an allowable annual cut (AAC) over 1 million cubic meters, its actual annual cut is 300,000 cubic meters, and its annual board production hits 150,000 cubic meters. As the largest forestry company in the region, it has significantly promoted the development of the local forest industry. Based on production and operating conditions in the current stage, the Company has developed detailed plans for production expansion and production model upgrades. On the basis of optimizing existing operations, it is making efforts to develop timber deep processing and striving for the optimal use of forest resources, so as to achieve 100% utilization and zero waste emissions.