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One of the key elements in Far East Forest's corporate culture is "responsibility". The Company shall not only be responsible for shareholders, create value and provide returns to shareholders, but also take social responsibility and make contributions to local communities.

As the largest local forestry enterprise, the Company has over 400 local employees. On top of training a large number of skilled forestry workers proficient in high-tech equipment operation, it has also trained a great many of local mid-level and even senior managers, significantly promoting the development of local forest industry.

The Company has been operating in the region for years, paying over US$ 4 million local taxes every year, making significant contributions to local economic development.

The Company has invested heavily to introduce advanced equipment and technology to promote the upgrading of local forest industry. The Company does not use the primary business model of timber harvest and direct export. Instead, it takes the initiative to extend the industrial chain to include deep processing of wood. This not only retains greater economic benefits in local communities, but also promotes the upgrading of local forest industry.

As the flagship enterprise in the region, the Company actively makes contributions to local public welfare. The Company provides funds to community development every year, including school construction, infrastructure improvement, road snow clearing in winter, garbage removal, boiler upgrading programs, as well as help to local disaster-hit residents and donations to affected employees and their family members. It has received high praises from local government and communities.